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Supporting Sound and Naturally Gaited Tennessee Walking Horses

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April 16, 2012

Natural Walking Horses
(Our sound horse friends in Europe)


For learning about riding and training gaited horses:


                                 Training the Gaited Horse From the Trail To the Rail

                                 By Gary Lane

                                 Book and DVD available online at Windswept Stables or




For learning about the Tennessee Walking Horse:


                                 The Horse that Wouldn’t Trot

                                 By Rose Miller

                                 Book available online at Rose


Due to a massive data loss, all of our website files are gone.  Unfortunately, building a new website is taking a long time, so we have moved everything from the website to and hope you are still going to be able to find the information you're looking for.  Please don't hesitate to email us if you have questions. 

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Our Philosophy

Silver Phoenix Ranch is not an actual working ranch.  Rather, we are established as a source of information and education about gaited horses.  Our goals are to help more people learn about gaited horses and to understand the current abuse that is rampant among the gaited horse community at large.

We believe that horses are sentient beings with souls that deserve our utmost respect and admiration.  Our riding and training philosophies are established with the goal in mind to partner with our horses rather than force them to do as we want them.  In this way, our horses will do what we ask because they want to, not because we require them to.


For The Tennessee Walking Horse

For The Tennessee Walking Horse, which originally started out as a blog, is now a website run by a group of dedicated people who are committed to helping educate the public about the sound Tennessee Walking Horse.  Not only do we educate about soring, we also have information on trail riding, showing, endurance, dressage, humane training, the horse’s health, and more.  Click here for the original For the Tennessee Walking Horse blog.



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